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Our Design Process

Design, Plans & Drafting Services
for Homes Additions in New Hampshire

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  1. Initial Meeting
    • Talk with you to determine what you want to accomplish
    • Determine in general your likes and dislikes
    • Provide background information about C & A Design
    • Inform you about our experience
    • Give you a brochure and business card
  2. Proposal
    • From the initial discussion we generate a formal proposal which outlines project scope and payment schedule. The process of writing the proposal should take between 1 – 2 weeks.
    • You will have 30 days to accept or reject the proposal. The document covers such items as project definitions, scope of work, fee schedule, and additional work that requires an extra charge.
    • Once you accept the proposal, a second meeting is scheduled to gather further details about the project
  3. Requirements Gathering Meeting
    • At this time we will discuss the requirements in greater detail and take any pertinent measurements necessary for us to create the conceptual drawings.
    • At the end of this meeting, which could last between 1 – 2 hours, the first third of the project cost is due.
  4. Conceptual Plan
    • We use the information from the Requirements Gathering Meeting to create the Conceptual Plan.
    • The plan is drawn in the 11 x 17 format and will contain floor plan information. We may, at our discretion, include rough elevation and/or 3D views of the project at this time if such further information is needed to clarify discussion points.
    • These drawings are not to be used for construction purposes and will be marked ‘Conceptual Plan: Not for Construction.’
    • After the conceptual drawing in completed, we will arrange to meet with you to go over the drawings.
  5. Conceptual Plan Meeting
    • We present you with the preliminary design for your review.
    • At this point there is frequent communication with you as the design takes on a more concrete shape. You will, most likely, become even more involved by doing the research to select windows and doors, roofing, floor coverings etc. This part of the process can take quite a long while, and frequent changes can be expected.
    • Once you accept the Conceptual Plan the next third of payment is due.
  6. Preliminary Final Plans
    • Once the concept is approved, we generate the preliminary final design. This iteration is also an 11 x 17 size drawing set, but the borders, title blocks, etc. are added so that you can envision what the final print will look like. It is also one last chance to make any changes before the full sized drawings are generated for the final plan.
    • These plans may be used to get estimates as to the cost of the building but cannot be used for construction purposes. These will be marked: ‘Not for Construction’.
  7. Final Plans
    • Once ‘Preliminary Final’ plans are approved we print the final plan in 24 x 36 format and the design process is complete.
    • The final payment is due and it’s time to move on to the building phase!!!


Even though the official work is done after we deliver the final plans to you, we do not end our relationship. Please feel free to call us with any questions that arise as the home or addition takes shape.

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